Monday, December 8, 2008

What he said

A conservative chronicles PM Harpers mistakes and why he disagrees both with the PM and the idea of a coalition.
One of my favourite parts is actually in the comments:
First, as you have mentioned, his first mistake was to call an election. Second, he announced cuts to the arts community during the election. This action lost him seats in Quebec (and probably did not gain him any elsewhere). Third, he pissed of the other three parties by cutting their government backing, leading to the formation of the coalition. Forth, he presented a National speech where, instead of defending his government's plausable appraoch to deal with the economic crisis, he started a rant on the separatest tendancies of the Bloc. Even the Bloc had earlier softened thier stance on separation. Harper's speech reopened the whole Quebec situation, giving the separists new ammunition. This is too many screw ups!

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