Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dig deeper...

Here is a perfect example of how the assumption that correlation implies causation breeds mischief in our society:
"...while a majority of non-white voters backed a ban on gay marriage, the key finding in the new survey was that voters' position on Prop. 8 was determined more by their level of education and income than their race or ethnicity, said PPIC president Mark Baldassare. Among Californians with a high school diploma or less, 69 percent voted for Prop. 8. Among college graduates, 57 percent voted against it."
It has been widely touted that the black vote passed Prop8 in California, and that has sadly lead to a lot of tension between the LGBT community and the black community. The results of this poll show, as should have always been obvious, that rather than focusing their ire on black people, LGBT's should focus on eliminating poverty and ignorance, which sadly plague many minority populations.

This also demonstrates the need to always dig deeper when confronted with data.

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