Friday, December 5, 2008

A little consistency, please

PM Harper then:
Rather than announcing a new approach, Mr. Harper's address restated his view that the proposed coalition is undemocratic and would be harmful for Canada during an economic downturn.
PM Harper now:
After a two-hour meeting yesterday at Rideau Hall, Governor General MichaĆ«lle Jean granted Harper's request to prorogue Parliament, sparing him a confidence vote on Monday – and defeat for the minority Conservative government.

So...handing the government to the Coalition would be bad for Canada economically because of the period of instability for change over. But proroguing the government for a month and a half is apparently just peachy...

UPDATE: Harper gets a lesson in democracy. See my other post about misleading rhetoric.

UPDATE II: The New York Times have brought up a very good point, that I've been wondering about a lot: what's to stop any PM from now on from proroguing the government when he or she faces a confidence vote that is likely to topple the government? This isn't "my way or the highway," this is "my way or no way at all."

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