Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Two-faced AND incompetent + utterly transparent

In an effort to stem the tide of upset in the LGBT community after his Department of Justice denigrated them in a defense of DOMA (see my previous post), Obama today signed a memo that will allow the same-sex partners of federal employees to receive some of the benefits that heterosexual spouses receive.

...The condescension is so patronising it boils my blood. For the following reasons:

1. Same-sex partners and their children will not receive Health Care benefits, which is one of the most devastating aspects of marriage discrimination.
2. These benefits will only apply to Federal employees, i.e. very few people.
3. The only reason the LGBT community is being offered even this *scrap* of dignity is so that they won't make a fuss at the Democratic National Convention's big fund-raiser on June 25th.

LGBT's were thrilled at the prospect of a President who would treat them with dignity. ...Looks like their elation was premature.

For any Americans who might read this: I think you should tell Obama and the entire DNC--loudly--that your cash won't go to support "leaders" who have done nothing to stand up for your rights or dignity.

PS Another thing that just occurred to me is that this happened with the stroke of a pen. It was a ship-shod quick response to try to quell the LGBT community...and as such, it could have been done MONTHS ago. Obama has been sitting on this for 5 months, and is only now putting pen to paper.

So, once again to my American friends: If Obama's been able to grant you these rights (however limited they may be), what else is he holding back? What else can you pry out of the Democrats' terrified little paws? I suggest you yell, write, call, email, protest, and above all let them know you won't give them one pink penny until you get the civil rights you deserve! *HUG*

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